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Opening Arguments

The president was silent

On the death of Bob Denver, some interesting trivia about "Gilligan's Island" in the New York Times obituary: The relationship of Gilligan and the Skipper was based on Laurel and Hardy. Gilligan's first name, seldom used, was Willy. The Minnow was so named in homage to FCC Chairman Newton Minnow of "vast wasteland" fame. And the show was cancelled after three seasons, though still high in the ratings, so that CBS could stretch "Gunsomke" from a half-hour to a full hour.

The thing is, Denver died on Friday, and America wasn't told until Tuesday, causing millions of Gilligan fans pain and anguish, whether or not they want to admit it. Certainly we can put some blame on the family, and on local government officials who didn't get the word out despite the family's wishes. But let's be blunt: Where was President Bush?