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Opening Arguments

REAL good

Remember that "It blows up REAL good" running gag on SCTV? Add the Allen County Republican Party to the list of things with that attribute. County Recorder John McGauley, after a meeting of the party's executive committee Monday:

 "I told them the party has got to stand for certain principles, including honesty and integrity . . . But Kelty lied to us, he lied to the public and, apparently, he lied to the grand jury. We can run against (Democratic mayoral candidate) Tom Henry again in four years, but we can't if we give up the core things we stand for . . ."

But what happens in those executive committee meetings is supposed to be secret, so GOP Chairman Steve Shine is not too happy with McGauley:

“Anyone who said anything (about what happened in the meeting) should be man or woman enough to resign,” Shine said. “It's a complete betrayal, as serious as the (Kelty) issues they're speaking about. Shame on them.”

There was a split between the party's conservatives and moderates over Kelty's nomination in the first place. Did anybody really think there would be party unity after Kelty picked up a nine-count indictment over his campaign finances?


Wed, 08/22/2007 - 9:34pm

Does anybody really think blaming Democrats and "elitist" Republicans will make an inept and dishonest candidate the next mayor of this town? Puhleeze.

The local media are sitting on top of the biggest cultural divide story of the century and they're misreporting it. The GOP's big tent simply got too big and it's coming back to bite smalltown folks like us. The paranoid element see all kinds of nefariousness where there really is none, although they're not totally off base. The party simply wanted their votes, not their sh*t.