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Opening Arguments

The real world

Better sit down for this one:

War and politics are largely ignored by American teenagers, according to a Harvard University study released on Tuesday, which found that 60 percent of them pay little attention to daily news.

Researchers interviewed 1,800 people between January and March and found that 28 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 said they pay almost no attention to news every day. Another 32 percent said they pay only casual attention to one news source a day.

I dunno. When I was a teenager, "casual attention" to the news was the most that most of us could muster. I suspect that's been the case generation after generation. Then people grow up and get sucked into real life and start paying attention to current events. The larger, more legitimate worry is whether today's teens will find "the news" when they get older. There are ever more available distractions from the real world.