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Opening Arguments


What's wrong with this paragraph in The Journal Gazette's rather unremarkable lukewarm editorial endorsement of Dan Coats in the U.S. Senate GOP primary?

The question voters in the May 4 Republican primary should ask is not which candidate among the rather unremarkable field is the most conservative but which would be the best senator and has the best chance of winning in November.

The answer is D, all of the above. Whatever can be said of the Republican field, at least there is one. Democrats will probably choose as their candidate a representative who will have to convince Hoosiers that his pro-gun, anti-abortion stance trumps his vote for Obamacare. When Sen. Bayh quit the race, the advantage moved clearly to the Republican side. So the most important question is definitely not which candidate has the best chance of winning in November -- any of them would have an edge going in.  The question is which candidate would better represent Hoosier Republicans' views and values.