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Opening Arguments

The rest cycle

I notice that I've failed lately to keep you abreast of exciting developments on the Saving the Planet front. I will attempt to make up for it by calling your attention to this blog, in which the author offers eight tips for being a good green citizen. Go paperless. Turn off unnecessary electricity when you're not home. Use cloth grocery bags. And, of course, my personal favorite: Recycle!

I bought a small storage container and put it in my utility closet. I fill it up with plastic bottles, newspapers, and aluminum cans. Thanks to the people who pick up the recyclables, I don't even have to sort them! Watch this video to learn more about the process!

That brought a reply from a former Fort Wayne resident -- yes! we recycle! here, too!

We've always been big into recycling, although back in Fort Wayne, we had to sort out everything into separate bins. It's so nice here being able to toss everything into one huge bin.

Is that lazy or what? We want to save poor, old Mother Earth, but, oh, the agony of having to separate the plastic from the paper!

I hate to break it to the two of them, but if you just "toss everything into one huge bin," that's not recycling. In my neighborhood, we call that "taking out the garbage."


Bob G.
Wed, 05/27/2009 - 12:24pm

Lazy indeed!

And I know plenty of people that have used "cloth grocery bags" for YEARS...it used to be called the FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT...and was summarily punished.

Go "paperless"?
Sorry, not into "wiping with leaves", even though that IS a former Indian name of someone I once knew.

And if tossing every (dubious) PERSON into one, huge (neighborhood) bin is NOT considered "Bringing IN the garbage"...I don't know WHAT is.

(Empty Bud bottles from the locals, anyone?)