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Opening Arguments

RIP, Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was a nut job at the end of his life, exiled and babbling about all sorts of conspiracy theories. But at one time he did one thing better than anybody else, and we tend to forget what a nerd genius he was:

...Kasparov hailed Fischer as "the pioneer and the father of professional chess".

Kasparov said he had followed the 1972 clash of the U.S. and Soviet titans closely. "Fischer's chess was so fresh and so new and we all grew up under the strongest impression of Fischer's victories," he told Sky News television.

"From an ideological stance it was the fight of an individual against a totalitarian system. He had a lot of supporters even in the Soviet Union. No one viewed him as an American fighting Soviets, it was more a great man fighting the mighty machine," Kasparov said.

Chess is one of things that are supposed to be less interesting now that there are computers that can do the computations and permutations so much more quickly. But there is still room left over the quirks of the human mind.

(Via Reason Hit & Run)

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