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Opening Arguments

Rubbing me the wrong way

This just so sad, isn't it?

The raid at VIP Tanning on Coliseum came a day before a bill passed in an effort to boost certification of workers at massage businesses. The bill in the Indiana Senate would require massage therapists to be at least certified and have a specific amount of education before they could practice in this state, hopefully hindering corrupt businesses from practicing here. No one at VIP Tanning or VIP-The Office Spa was certified by the state, police said.

Just when a guy gets to be the age when he can really use a good massage now and the, a bunch of busybodies make it a lot harder to find a good massage. I suppose I should be glad they're going to register the massagers (yeah, yeah, I know the French words) so I don't encounter any nasty practitioners who are really offerinng something else. Makes me wonder, though, what's really behind the move to register interior designers.

Massage, by the way, is also know as manipulative therapy, heh-heh


Bob G.
Fri, 03/02/2007 - 6:01am

Ok, so they aren't "certified" by the state...they ARE however "wards" of the state though...lol!