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Opening Arguments

The savage breast

Oh, bushwa:

The New York Philharmonic's unprecedented concert could herald warmer ties between North Korea and the United States. After three encores, some musicians left the stage in tears as the audience waved fondly.

Between horn fanfares and the flourishes of the conductor's baton, the U.S. and North Korea found common ground in a concert Tuesday that spanned American and Korean musical traditions.

Whether the feeling lingers after the music will depend on the North's compliance with an international push to rid it of nuclear weapons.

Classical music and nuclear weapons. Which wins? Hmm, let me think.  Each side wants a propaganda win, which is why this came about. I'm guessing North Korea wins, because the Western press coverage will be mostly like this, all full of weepily romantic drivel.

Still, probably worth it for us. Music, especially good music, is a universal language. Maybe we will have pushed a few in the audience over the edge, finally fed up with all their loony dictator thug denies them.