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Opening Arguments

Saying goodbye

An unusual funeral in Fort Wayne:

Misty would have been 10 years old. The chow mix died last week of renal failure, leaving Rosa Davis of Fort Wayne without her beloved companion. Her veterinarian, Dr. William C. Kerley of Anthony Animal Clinic, suspects that tainted dog food, one of 95 brands included in a nationwide recall March 16, contributed to her death.

On Tuesday night, friends and family of Davis gathered to remember the pet that meant so much to her.

Misty “was my first and only child,” Davis said.

Two men carried the body of the dog, wrapped in a black plastic bag, to the box, covering her with a pink-and-white blanket.

The crowd sang “Amazing Grace,” blending their voices in harmony. Some of the women rocked children. One young woman held a dog.

Pastor Warren Staton Jr. of Victory Fellowship Church of God, 3601 Warsaw St., walked to the front of the half-circle, holding a worn red Bible.

The whole story is a good read, low-key but with an accumulation of observational details that help us experience the funeral. As for the event itself, you will either be touched or find it an example of today's wretched excess. I confess to being in the former category. When my cat Pierre died a few years ago, I had him cremated, intending to scatter his ashes in the back yard he loved so much. But they're still in their little tin on a kitchen shelf. I don't know why, but it makes me feel good knowing they're there.

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