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Opening Arguments

See the candidates

If blogging is a little light this week, it's because I'm editing video I took of the primary candidates when they came in for their endorsement interviews. There will be a short video for each of the contested races, and as they get done and put on our Web site, I'll link to them here, too. I asked all the candidates the same five questions:

1. What do you think of the Harrison Square project?

2. Would you keep the smoking ban scheduled for June as is or modify it in some way?

3. What do you think of studying government reorganization, including the possibility of a city-county merger?

4. What is the top priority city government should concentrate on?

5. What is the best thing about Fort Wayne?

Harrison Square, it seems, will be decided before the primary; but that's a good reason to ask about it. It represents a certain way of looking at government's role in economic development, and similar projects are sure to come up in the future. The smoking ban will have been in effect six months by the fall election, at which point it can be revisited or left alone; this seems like a good time to get everybody's views on the subject. Government reorganization has been on the table for a long time and seems likely to stay there. The two general questions about city government's top priority and Fort Wayne's best were asked just to see what kind of variety was brought out.

The candidates were each shown the questions at the start of their endorsement interviews with the editorial board, which means they had roughly 45 minutes to think about them while also answering other questions. Nobody refused -- 21 of the 27 candidates showed up for interviews, and all of them agreed to be videotaped. Nothing should be inferred from the fact that six people didn't come here -- it might be that they are not serious canidates, but it could also be that they don't care about newspaper endorsements in general or The News-Sentinel's in particular.

Nothing fancy on the videos -- just the candidates looking into the camera and talking -- and I didn't do a lot of elaborate editing except to show all the candidates in the same races answering each question at the same time. Take whatever value you can out of them.


Karen Goldner
Mon, 04/23/2007 - 9:38am

That is very multi-media of you, Leo - a great use of the blog.

Now if I can just get the speakers to work on my computer......

Leo Morris
Mon, 04/23/2007 - 1:11pm

And maybe some value, I hope, in just seeing the candidates answer questions, since many people don't even know what some of them look like.

Thu, 04/26/2007 - 1:09pm

be sure to ask nelson peters if he wants to take your guns away, and why.
does he support the 2nd amendment, and corresponding state constitutional Article 1/ paragraph 32/ and 33?
who will his police chief be, and what will his policy be on CCW firearm permits( and since when do you need permission to exercise your constitutional rights?)
And will he serve his full term? and who will handle the city's legal business? the Helmke law office? I hope not-It would just reek of the appearance of impropriety, and
patronage, if not political payoff/quid-pro quo. status quo?