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Opening Arguments

Seems like old times

This is a bad year in a bad decade for newspapers, but at least we're having a good week:

It was a good day to be in the newspaper business. The historic November 5 editions proclaiming Barack Obama's White House victory flew off the newsstands and major newspapers struggled to keep up with the demand for copies.

Those who didn't rise early enough or who lacked the foresight to keep up their subscriptions to the print editions could find them online, but at a steep price. By early on Wednesday evening, nearly 800 sellers offered copies for sale on eBay.

That pesky paper that gets yellow and accumulates in stacks in corners and clutters up the recycling bins also provides artifacts. Going back in 20 years to scope out the pdf-file copy of the Page 1 headline about Obama's victory isn't as likely to stir the memories as much as looking at a framed copy of the actual page. The digital world is all about the future . . . move it along, move it along, too much to see here, gotta make room, more, more, more, faster, faster. Sorry about that, past. No time for you. That would mean slowing down.