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Opening Arguments

Show me the way to go home

For someone with absolutely no sense of direction -- if you're ever lost, just ask me which way to go, then do the opposite -- this seems like a pretty silly concern:

For most people -- the cab driver, the tourist, the business traveler -- the ubiquitous GPS has become a lifeline, giving directions to the nearest bathroom, a pizza joint or the shortest route to the office.

But, just like with spell-checker before it, some experts believe that the guiding device gives less than what it takes away. The price we pay for the convenience, they say, could be our sense of direction.

You can't lose what you never had. Some machines may have made us dumber -- the mentioned spell-checker, the hand-held calculator -- but GPS? Don't think so.


Bob G.
Wed, 06/18/2008 - 7:49am

Sorry...I don't do the GPS gig...nor do I have a liquid-filled COMPASS in our cars.
Where do I tihnk I'm going anyway?
I'm going to Walgreens...NOT bloody Addis Ababa!

And to think a huge 2008 edition of Rand-McNally's road atlas in full color can be had at Menards for a mere $2.50!!!

(that's a bargain on any day)


(map reader...and proud of it)