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Opening Arguments

Sifters and sorters

Anyone who has been following this site and a few others knows the local blogosphere has gone to a new level, from observation and criticism to original reporting. One of these days, probably soon, someone is going to start doing something like this, which a lot of blogs will then link to and add to and jump off from, and then we will be at the next level, a local blog version of a wire service.



  • HAS pressure from incumbents killed a planned Allen County GOP straw poll on which primary candidates to endores? At Fort Wayne Observed.
  • THE last garage polling place in Allen County was at a residence on the corner of Tacoma and Prange Drives on Fort Wayne's southwest side. At Indiana Parley.
  • ALLEN County's assessor apparently doesn't have to pass a state examination after all, according to some research by her attorney. At Tracy Warner.
  • REMEMBER your reaction when you first saw those two silly "sculptures" in front of the art museum? Believe it or not, there's worse out there. At Opening Arguments.


  • GOV. Daniels said he was going to stay out of the time-zone debate. So why is he picking on St. Joseph County for wanting to go Central? At Masson's Blog.
  • WHAT happens when a New York Times reporter visits Indianapolis for 36 hours? At Taking Down Words.
  • COULD people in Crown Point be opposing a Wal-Mart because it might draw "undesirables" into their upscale city to shop? At Deliberate Chaos.
  • INDIANA Superintendent of Public Instruction Suellen Reed is being strangely silent on the Intelligent Design controversy. At Advance Indiana.

I could go on, but you get the point. Much has been made about how the communications revolution will change the way we gather and receive news. But gatekeepers will be needed in this new reality as much as they have been in the print world, maybe more so. The more there is out there, the less people will be able -- or even inclined -- to hunt it all down. People who are reading newspapers and magazines less, watching TV news less: Why would they prowl the Internet more? Sifters and sorters needed -- get your resumes ready. Don't have a clue where you should send them, however.


Sat, 11/12/2005 - 4:18am

It had looked like that sort of thing was getting started at: http://hoosier.blogs.com/trib/

but the author hasn't been updating it.

Mitch Harper
Sat, 11/12/2005 - 4:56am

An update to the Update would be Indiana Parley's late Friday story on Mark Souder's District Director Mark Wickersham leaving to take a new job.

Thanks for the mention of IP.