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Opening Arguments

Slow down!

I can sympathize with these people:

WESTFIELD, Ind. -- Christine Dedon is tired of seeing cars blast down neighborhood streets at more than 20 mph over the speed limit.

The mother of three lives in Village Farms subdivision, where a city traffic study spotted cars traveling 60 mph on Greyhound Pass, which has a posted speed limit of 25 mph.

{. . .]

That's why Westfield's neighborhood leaders are working with the city, planning to convene by the end of this month and consider adding speed control devices, such as speed bumps, or increasing speeding fines.

I live on Oakdale, halfway up the first block off of Broadway. In many ways, it is the perfect neighborhood -- a quiet residential area but with lots of commerce very close, Foster Park practically in my yard. But my block is one-way east and fed by the Bluffton Road Bridge. People zoom off the bridge -- including some who have had one or two too many at Curly's Village Inn -- and don't slow down until they hit the stop sign at the end of the block. There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood, and I'm surprised one of them hasn't been seriously hurt or even killed yet. Here's a hint, city -- make Oakdale one-way west and the next street to the north one-way east. People can negotaite our area about the same way, but those coming off the bridge will at least have to turn left and then right, which will slow them down a bit as they go through the neighborhood.


Bob G.
Wed, 04/09/2008 - 9:01am

Almost saw a "T-Bone" at our intersection yesterday (someone thought YIELD meant blow on through without looking in any direction).
And the streets leading from the intersection are ripe for speeders. Doesn't matter if it's FOUR wheels or TWO.

I heard about the city's "crackdown" on speeders, and wondered how many streets UPTOWN will be targeted instead of where the HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of people are with the smaller size of the streets that they erratically navigate upon daily.
God knows City Engineering isn't doing a lick to slow these morons down...and we've got a lot more kids around this year.

Personally, I'm thinking homemade SPIKE STRIPS...that should SLOW THEM DOWN a tad.

But that's just "me".