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Opening Arguments

So long, mayor, and hello, McDonald's

We have an intriguing guest column on tonight's editorial page by Allen County Republican Chairman Steve Shine. I suspect he's mostly just yanking the city's chain -- if you read between the lines, he's more or less urging the county to call the city's bluff on its announced intentions to move out of the City-County Building. But if the city does follow through on that terrible plan, Shine's idea for making use of the resulting empty space is a good one. If you're trying to jump-start downtown, it makes at least as much sense to put fun things where traffic is already generated as it does to figure out where to put fun things in order to generate traffic. Personally, I'd like to see a Starbucks kiosk in the lobby of Fort Wayne Newspapers. There'd need to be a 50 percent employee discount, though, so I could afford it.

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