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Opening Arguments

So long to the Rocket Man

Elton John the Luddite:

POP legend Sir Elton John wants the internet CLOSED DOWN.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, the Rocket Man has waded into cyberspace with all guns blazing.

He claims it is destroying good music, saying: “The internet has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.

“Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK but it doesn't bode well for long-term artistic vision.

[. . .]

“Hopefully the next movement in music will tear down the internet.

“Let's get out in the streets and march and protest instead of sitting at home and blogging.

“I do think it would be an incredible experiment to shut down the whole internet for five years and see what sort of art is produced over that span.

“There's too much technology available.

“I'm sure, as far as music goes, it would be much more interesting than it is today.”

Lord knows, most of the music being produced today is awful, but I do not think we can blame the Internet. In fact, as the Internet frees artists from the record companies and empowers thousands of music makers, it should bring a whole new era of creativity. You can pass a song around on YouTube a lot faster than you could roaming from campfire to campfire.

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tim zank
Fri, 08/03/2007 - 12:52pm

Please, please just retire before you become so embarrassing that even your early work (which was brilliant) will be dismissed as readily as the crap that followed Yellow Brick Road.

Keith Richards was right when he noted, Elton should stick to writing and singing about dead blondes and leave the real music to the professionals.

I hope he just fades away to some "Old Queens Home" in England and keeps his mouth shout.