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Opening Arguments

So THAT's why Cracker Barrel is full

Wonder if the Good Old Boys will start mingling more with the riffraff now, or maybe they have a secret back room somewhere that you need to know the magic handshake to get in:

After nearly 40 years of service, Fort Wayne's Summit Club has closed without notice.

The Summit Club was an exclusive private members club for Fort Wayne's elite business men and women.

An employee told Indiana's NewsCenter he found out about the closing when he reported for work and was told to go home. He wasn't the only one shocked by the news.

I was at the club just a handful of times, always as somebody's guest, often somebody from The News-Sentinel or Fort Wayne Newspapers. That's the kind of place it was -- businesses had a membership or two and took people there they wanted to impress. But I suspect most businesses didn't use it that often, and memberships were expensive enough that people hated to waste them by not going often enough. So occasionally, lower level-employees would be taken there to give their drab little lives a thrilling interlude.

Every city needs a place like the Summit Club where the elite, near elite and wannabe elite can gather quietly, privately and semi-elegantly and look out over the city (both figuratively and literally in this case), so, economic downturn or not, I suspect there'll be something to fill the void in short order.

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