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Opening Arguments

Sorry state

Maybe things aren't going as well as we'd like in Fort Wayne, but we're certainly better off than Muncie:

I don't know why the mayor needs two hours to describe the state of the city when I can do so in one word: deplorable.

And thank goodness this isn't Evansville:

Eyesight, hindsight or no sight. John Lucas of the Courier & Press is right in his Monday Good Morning column, "I'm convinced there's a pall over Evansville."

I can tell you in 10 minutes what has occurred to destroy a town which had such a bright future and is now part of the everlasting crippling pall.

Probably the best city to point to that we're not, though, is -- no, not Gary this time -- Elkhart, which made news as President Obama's favorite hardluck Hoosier city and is now getting bad publicity because of the gas pedal made by a company there that might be the cause of all those Toyota recalls.

Fort Wayne -- not deplorable, no pall yet, and we don't kill Toyota drivers! Just some ideas for Mayor Tom Henry and his State of the City address Feb. 10 if he wants to emulate Gov. Mitch Daniels' State of The State address. We're not Michigan! We're not Illinois!