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Opening Arguments

Star Spangled

The Goshen College national anthem controversy has made USA TODAY:

"I am not in favor of the college's decision to play the anthem," said Marlys Weaver, 22, a senior from Goshen and editor of the college newspaper. "Images of war run throughout all the verses of the anthem, and Mennonites, as pacifists, work with active and involved non-violent options."

Visitors to sporting events have raised concerns over the policy for years, Beyeler said. A task force studied the issue last spring. College President James Brenneman, approved the playing of the anthem in January.

I think once the college realizes how much fun the anthem can be, all those peaceniks might relent. Part of anthem fun is watching how many ways people can mangle it, and the fine line some artists walk between making the song their own and not "disrespecting" it. I think the best version I ever heard by a major artist was the one by Jose Feliciano. But for downright awesomeness, it's hard to beat the Cactus Cuties.


Bob G.
Tue, 03/23/2010 - 10:48am

I always thought that Jimi Hendrix did an adequate instrumental version, but the kids are still cute.