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Opening Arguments

Stormy weather

Finally, the truth about weather forecasting:

Predicting snowfall totals for Colorado Springs is a crapshoot: How far south that precipitation lasts is often anyone's guess. Add to that the potential for a narrow band of heavy snow to suddenly develop and, on Wednesday morning, none of the meteorologists could predict for sure what's going to fall where.

"Here in Pueblo, we could get an inch or 2, or we could get a foot," Magnuson said.

Since predicting any weather more than 48 hours out is little more than voodoo science, I don't know why we watch the forecasts so intently, but we do. I know people who leave the Weather Channel on in the background while they're reading or doing other things. Spooky.

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Bob G.
Fri, 03/27/2009 - 12:49pm

And where ELSE could you get PAID pretty decent money for being WRONG at least HALF the time, eh?

(oh, wait...I forgot about ALL those politicians...nevermind)