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Opening Arguments

Tagged and bagged

Tag, you're busted!

Prosecutors put the city's spray-paint graffiti artists on notice Tuesday, charging a 21-year-old Fort Wayne man accused of causing about $20,000 in damages to area businesses last year with 51 counts of criminal mischief, one of them a felony.

Ashley K. Kaley, who goes by the “tagger” names “MANi” and “Uni,” is at least the fifth adult to be charged with multiple counts of criminal mischief since August. He had not been taken into custody as of Tuesday night, but he faces a recommended bond of $29,500 if he is arrested.

Police also picked up 20-year-old John Maxwell Gladieux and 25-year-old Armand Clement Trevino in the tagger roundup. Gladieux is accused of committing his crimes last year, whereas Trevino was caught spray-painting a wall of Meyer & Son in August.

Last month, Fort Wayne Police arrested 19-year-olds Matthew A. Reina and Mark A. Markowski on similar charges.

A couple of these idiots even have a MySpace page devoted to one the tagging groups -- "Aerosole Warefare Kids" -- with photos of graffiti on building throughout town. I think we call that "evidence."

Have you noticed that a growing number of railroad cars -- over half, it looks like -- have graffiti? Suppose those are very dumb taggers who think they are marking their territory?


Bob G.
Wed, 09/19/2007 - 1:51pm

You're not too far off the mark. Back in Philly, we saw not only PRR freight cars "decorated", but as many, if not more PUBLIC TRANSIT buses, trolleys and elevated rail cars.

it IS a way of letting everyone KNOW who did it, and with freight cars going cross country, what better way to reach out and touch another tagger?
Chicago and NYC seem to be the worst with this.