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Opening Arguments

They call it planning

Well, duh:

City leaders are set to unveil their plans for improving parking downtown.

Officials are under the gun to get plans in motion since they're anticipating traffic to increase downtown when Harrison Square and the new Parkview Field open next year.

A consulting group developed recommendations based on a study of current on-street and private parking situations in the downtown area.

Under the gun -- gee, do ya think? Harrison Square is under construction. I know this because I see it whenever I crawl up Jefferson Boulevard on whatever bike path they've still got open on that day. And now -- just now -- they're making plans to account for changing traffic and parking needs? This town is being run by geniuses!


William Larsen
Fri, 12/05/2008 - 1:58pm

How much do city council members get paid, too much? They certainly do not know much about planning. Nothing about cause and affect. I heard they want to use 6 sigma. 6 sigma will do nothing for them. 6 sigma is a methodolgy - common sense. Identify the problem, the knowns, unknowns and design experiements to test theories developed to that model the problem. 6 sigma is problem solving. What they need to use are good design practices.

Bob G.
Fri, 12/05/2008 - 2:58pm

Bill, sometimes I wonder if that old adage is true:
They can't be trusted to pour pee out of a boot with instructions written on the heel.
They need help for sure.

And maybe...once in several blue moons..they should LISTEN to the PEOPLE.

That WOULD indeed be NOVEL.
(and helpful)