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Opening Arguments

Time's a wastin'

I wonder if the people who did this study devoted every working minute to it or spent some time goofing off:

Stop surfing the 'Net and get back to work!

Using the Internet and chatting with co-workers are the activities that waste the most time each workday, according to the latest study by Salary.com. The 2007 Wasting Time Survey found that the average employee wastes 1.7 hours within an 8.5 hour work day.

Surfing the net (34.7% of respondents), along with socializing with co-workers (20.3%) and conducting personal business (17%), were among the top time wasters. Those surveyed also report making personal phone calls and taking long breaks while at work.

I've always thought a certain amount of time-wasting at work is actually healthy for the individual and good for the company. Days that are filled non-stop with tasks, no time to slow down at all, make everyone cranky and less productive than they can be. Of course, I never put that at the top of my list when the boss asks for recommendations.

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