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Opening Arguments

Torch song

Lexington Green, responding to a new book by Newsweek's Fareed Zakaria, has a rousing defense of small-l libertarianism:

The solution is to get the Government the Hell out of the way, get its leprous fingers out of our wallets. The solution is to flail the damnable thing back into the corner where it belongs, make it do the things it is supposed to do and nothing else. National defense, law enforcement and a few other functions are more than it can do well as it is.

The solution is to get Uncle Sam the Hell out of the way, make him puke out the money he currently sucks out of the economy, and stand back and let the Billion-Footed Beast which is the American people get going with millions of work-arounds and clever solutions and nutty schemes which no one can even dream of from a desk in Washington, or Brussels, or Davos, or even Cambridge, Massachusetts.

On the enduring value of our Constitution, and the need to build on it and away from the mess we have created in its place, the only guy who I find myself agreeing with lately is Ron Paul.

As Green notes, Paul is "too idiosyncratic" to be the savior of the Constitution, and his followers are too hostile to the political process that is necessary for any change. But maybe he will be looked back on as the Goldwater of a new libertarian movement. That means the movement needs a Ronald Reagan to pick up the torch, I guess. We can hope.

(Via Instapundit)

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