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Opening Arguments

Truly flyover country

Good thing so many people are used to driving to Indianapolis to catch their planes, eh?

Fort Wayne International Airport is among regional airports at risk of losing service, according to an analysis from the Business Travel Coalition and AirlineForecast LLC.

On the coalition's Web site, www.savemyairport.com, the interest group ranked the top 100 regional airports at risk for losing service because of rising fuel costs and failing airlines. Fort Wayne International, South Bend Regional and Evansville Regional airports were identified as at risk.

Too bad about that $4 gasoline.

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Bob G.
Thu, 06/26/2008 - 8:00am

It's even higher per gallon for that 120 octane and J/P fuel...

Then again, I'd much prefer the quiet of not being overflown by airliners lower than FAA standards due to a non-functioning localizer at FWIA (that they haven't managed to get parts for because it's obsolete anyway according to former FWIA head Skip Miller).
But that's a whole other story (you'll never see or hear about).

So much for Tory's 25 year "grand plan", eh?
I wouldn't sweat building that parallel runway to 23.

Now...about the F-16 drivers from the 122nd ANG that buzz us at 500 feet going 400 knots...
Where IS that colonel?