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Opening Arguments

Txtg -- w's t pnt?

For God's sake, don't give these people any gum:

But in an alert issued this week, the American College of Emergency Physicians warns of the danger of more serious accidents involving oblivious texters. The ER doctors cite rising reports from doctors around the country of injuries involving text-messaging pedestrians, bicyclists, Rollerbladers, even motorists.

Most involve scrapes, cuts and sprains from texters who walked into lampposts or walls or tripped over curbs.

I may be showing my age or revealing my technophobia, but I just don't get texting. If I want to merely touch bases with someone, I'll phone or send an e-mail. If I want to reveal more or ask more, I'll write a letter -- or a longer e-mail. Texting doesn't really accomplish either of those.

Of course, there's always personal interaction -- actually being in the same physical space as someone else -- but that's really old-fashioned.


tim zank
Thu, 07/31/2008 - 9:28am

Yeah, yeah,yeah...and 2 years ago the same morons were walking into lamposts because of their I-pods, 10 years ago because of their walkmans, tweny years ago because of their big bulky "portable phones, and 30 years ago because of their transistor radios. Sweet Jesus, what a crock.

Bob G.
Thu, 07/31/2008 - 10:10am

I hear 'ya Tim...it is bothersome though to people like US that practice something we used to call "PAYING ATTENTION".

...Which keeps us out of THAT "loop", as it were.

God how I miss the days of people actually VISITING someone...or (horrors) WRITING A LETTER...on PAPER...WITH A PEN.



Harl Delos
Thu, 07/31/2008 - 10:44am

Leo, you need to learn texting.

If you're sitting three tables away from me in a restaurant, talking on a cellphone, my wife is likely to walk over, take the phone out of your hands, flip it shut, and hand it back to you.

And then half the restaurant will give her quiet applause. Nobody wants to hear your private conversation.

It works when you're in a courtroom or a meeting at work, too.

Robert Enders
Sat, 08/02/2008 - 12:41pm

I'm 29, and I had trouble understanding texting. Why not just call the person? But then I realized it was useful for covert communication, whether you or the person you are texting are sitting in class, in a restaurant, or your trial for running over a pedestrian while sending a text message.