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Opening Arguments

On the way

Libertarians didn't win any seats in the city election, but it can't be said that they didn't make a difference:

Don Schmidt, who represented the 2nd District for 36 years, lost to Democrat Karen Goldner by 12 votes in a race in which Libertarian Jonathan Bartels drew 580 votes. And At-Large Councilman John Crawford fell about 100 votes short of re-election in a race that saw the three at-large Libertarians draw a combined 11,600 votes.

“If not for the Libertarians, (Crawford) and I would still be on council,” Schmidt said shortly after his surprising defeat. Jeffrey estimated Libertarians drew two votes from Republican candidates for every one vote diverted from Democrats.

Sooner or later, the party has to actually win an election instead of just influencing them. I doubt if Libertarians, who believe in less government, are happy with the way they influenced this election. Schmidt, the most conservative council member, was replaced by a Democrat who believes in an activist government. Crawford was eased out by Liz Brown, who is less conservative than Crawford, whatever you think of his smoking-ban and Harrison Square votes.

To that end, some thoughts, for what they're worth: 1. Run somebody for mayor. That will mean more publicity that will trickle down to the other races. 2. Just run one candidate for the at-large race instead of three. The election in which a Libertarian finishes fourth will be a day to celebrate. 3. Even if you have a candidate in all the district races, put more resources into the one or two in which the Republican or Democrat doesn't have a lopsided advantage.


Kevin Knuth
Mon, 01/14/2008 - 9:33am

While I agree that the Libertarians running someone for Mayor would help them, that cannot just put anyone on the ballot.

It has to be a serious candidate- one who can raise money and run a real campaign.

Otherwise, the media, the News Sentinel included, will ignore them.

Kody Tinnel
Mon, 01/14/2008 - 12:35pm

Nicely stated Kevin.

One of the biggest problems with the Libertarian Party of Allen County last year was finding candidates who actually knew what they were doing and wanted to actively campaign.

I think they ran three really good candidates, three that were alright, and two that didn't do anything. I think that might hurt them in future elections.