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Opening Arguments

What's lost is found

No, no, no, I am the stupid one.

I confess that in case there is someone else out there who thinks something has been lost that really hasn't been. Week before last, I did a post about my cell phone conking out, disappearing a couple of voice mails from my mother that I had saved before she died. But it turns out they are still there. Voice mail is not saved on the cell phone -- it is saved on the phone company's server. Since I stayed with the same service and just replaced the bad phone, the voice mail is just as accessible to me as it always was, and in the same way. I listened to my mother's voice yesterday, after thinking it was lost to me forever.

(Thanks to Larry and Kevin, for their superior technical knowledge and their kindness in sharing it by e-mail instead of comments on the blog post, in a futile and pointless attempt to spare me public embarrassment.)


Harl Delos
Thu, 05/22/2008 - 8:48am


Even a totally-impersonal message can be incredibly comforting.