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Opening Arguments

Wiccan work it out

This is good news for civil liberties, religious freedom and the rights of stupid parents. If courts started grading people on what children are taught in the home, millions and millions of people would be in big trouble. Wonder if the couple cast a spell on the court to make the case go their way?

Posted in: Religion


Fri, 08/19/2005 - 7:52pm

Interesting take on this situation, Mr Morris. Because you don't happen to agree with the religion (Wicca) of the parents, that makes it alright to call them "stupid"? What is scary is a judge who thinks HE knows what's best for the child, eventhough both parents had agreed to raise the child in their faith after the divorce. Of all the interesting sites you could link to, you had to go for a kooky one. Too bad. You had a chance to educate folks and decided to go for the joke. There are just as many kooky Christian sites out there. Besides, why waste a good spell when you believe in Justice. Wiccans practice the Rule of Three and believe in "harming none"...unlike most Christian I know.