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Opening Arguments

Wine can do anything

Once in a while, I stumble across doing the right thing. Apparently, studies are showing that red wine has the most associated health benefits of any alcohol:

Red is wine is unique because of its content of resveratrol, a phytochemical compound found almost exclusively in the skin of grapes. Numerous studies have shown that these compounds are capable of influencing many activities that affect the development of chronic illnesses. In addition to the well-documented benefits of resveratrol on the levels of cholesterol and proper blood circulation, two important factors needed to prevent heart disease, two recent studies have illustrated the huge health potential that this compound has. One study showed that resveratrol has anti-cancer abilities by blocking the growth of tumour cells in the mammary glands; as well, the compound can act on the metabolism to counter the negative effects of being sedentary on the development of insulin resistance.

A delightful gustatory experience and a boost for health. Yowsa! Except for an occasional B&B and a rare sip of Bombay gin, red wine (and mostly medium-body reds) is the only alcohol I consume. Merlot was my wine of choice for a long time. I got tired of it, coincidentally, about the time that the film "Sideways" said vicious things about it. Now I like a good zinfandel or cabernet, and Yellowtail has a shiraz-cabernet blend that kicks butt.

There is also this: Women who drink wine every day say they have better sex:

Researchers were mum on whether or not the drinkers were really enjoying sex more or if they were just already sort of tipsy, so more prone to broach bawdy topics with people in lab coats.

Using this logic, women who drink infinite amounts of wine will have infinity good sex. Is there anything wine can't do? Besides solve any problems?

Consuming alcohol helps women lose their inhibitions? Who knew? That presents quite a moral dilemma. Do I keep all the red wine to myself to boost my health or share some with someone to, um, create a more romantic atmosphere? Screw it, she can have the gin.