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Opening Arguments

Worth a look

Saigon, one of my favorite restaurants, gets a nice writeup by a Circle City couple whose Worth Your Attention blog is dedicated to "eating, drinking, shopping and exploring Indianapolis and beyond."

We were amazed at the low prices. You will be completely satiated here for not a lot of money but be sure to bring cash. The sign at the register says "cash only". What a great spot in this older neighborhood on the near south side of Ft. Wayne. It felt like the Fort Wayne UN in there with multiple languages being spoken and everyone being brought together by good food.

If you like Asian food and are getting tired of the usual Chinese stuff, you can't beat Saigon.
The place also has the most eclectic mix of customers you'll ever see. Indy has a Saigon restaurant, too (not the same owners, I believe). And I thought we had the only place with that name outside of Southesast Asia.

Worth Your Attention looks like a good site at which to find interesting Indianapolis restaurants. The blog also has good things to say about Zesto's, DeBrands and Muchie's/Mad Anthony's, among other Fort Wayne pleasures.


Worth Your Attention
Thu, 08/21/2008 - 1:04pm

Thanks for finding our post. Saigon was a delight. We are in FW about once a month visiting family and like to find little gems while we are there. Mrs. Worth Your Attention is a FW native.