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Opening Arguments

Wounded 1

I'm as much of a warmonger as the next guy, but I'm not sure of the point of this:

Governor Mitch Daniels made his second visit to northeast Indiana in two days, this time to announce the new name for State Road 1.

SR 1, which runs from more than 100 miles through eastern Indiana, is now named the Purple Heart Memorial Highway.

[ . . .]

 A representative from the national headquarters for the purple heart mentioned 32 other states had a highway named for the purple heart, and Indiana did not.

We are honoring those wounded for their country by naming a road after the medal they won? If I served my country above and beyond the call of duty, I might like a road named after me, not a piece of metal with a ribbon. Or put it another way: If I should win journalism's highest honor, and the city decided to reward me for it, I'd like Oakdale renamed Leo Drive rather than Pulitzer Street.