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Opening Arguments


Love Italian, love Mexican, but this just isn't right:

I had just finished writing about unlikely combinations--mashed potatoes and rice, cheddar and pickes--unlikely at least to me, when I came across this New York Times article about Spaghetti Tacos, another unlikely pair.

[. . .]

What about you? Are you game to try out this new sensation? Or are spaghetti tacos going too far?

Oh, yeah. Mucho demasiado lejos and un sacco troppo lontano. Or perhaps I should say mucho troppo lontano.


Lewis Allen
Fri, 10/08/2010 - 5:17am

I'm a pretty open-minded eater, but spaghetti tacos sound atrocious. But I'm no fan of taco pizza, either. Those Korean tacos that vendors in the bigger cities sell from trucks though? Oh yeah.