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Opening Arguments

Yes, he can, but . . .

In Forbes, Reihan Salam, an associate editor of The Atlantic, has a nice write-up on Mitch Daniels as one of a long line of "sober Republican pragmatists" from which Indiana has benefited. Depending on what the landscape looks like in 2012, such a common-sense conservative could even be a good match in a run against Barack Obama:

There will never be a cult of personality around Daniels, who is hardly known for his soaring rhetoric. He's a mild-mannered, unassuming and unpretentious Midwesterner. Unlike Obama, he hasn't exactly had a meteoric rise. Instead, Daniels is an experienced executive with a record of turning dysfunctional governments around. Best of all, Daniels is not under the illusion that government is meant to give purpose and meaning to our lives--the politics of "Yes We Can." Rather, Daniels is offering a politics of "Yes You Can." He's focused on making sure that government does a few things well, and that it helps and does not hinder hardworking families who are trying to get ahead. Republicans should follow his lead.

I dunno. Seems like a reach to me, though I agree with most of what he says about Daniels. And since my record is so good -- after all, I predicted John McCain's early demise fro the GOP primary and said I wouldn't mind at all seeing a Fred Thompson-Hillary Clinton race -- you should definitely pay attention to me.

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tim zank
Tue, 11/25/2008 - 9:43am

Leo's prognostication foibles aside, there is a real possibility that after the next 4 or 8 year slide, er sorry, ride, the country may well be in tune with a pragmatic no-nonsense kind of prez like Mitch. He certainly doesn't have that "Tonight Show" kind of charisma like Barry, but he makes sound decisions.

We'll have to see how it plays out, but by the time "The One" gets done, it may be time to bring the grownups back to the table.