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Opening Arguments

Junk the options

Here's a stunner. Under Indiana law, at least half the food in Indiana school vending machines must be "healthy choice options" lole dried apple slices and baked chips and low-fat pretzels. But guess what:

They were designed, in part, to help make Indiana's obesity level go down. Instead, it’s shot up at an alarming rate. According to a recent study from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Indiana’s obesity rate stood at 18.3 percent in 1995 (the first year data was tracked and compiled from all 50 states). Last year, the Foundation measured Indiana’s obesity rate at 29.3 percent. That’s the 15th highest rare in the country.

[. . .]

While Indiana is among the small number of states that imposes nutrition standards beyond current federal requirements, students 24-Hour News 8 spoke with said there was little reason to follow them.

“There are more healthy foods [in vending machines], but people still mostly do the snacks and candy and junk food,” said Cathedral High School student Andrew Scarlott.

Given the choice, kids will pick candy and junk food over the healthy stuff? Who knew? The answer is obvious: Put only healthy food in the vending machines, and throw any kid caught with bad food in jail for a day or two. Can't start too soon in beating the anarchic tendencies outta these punks.