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Politcs and other nightmares

Bill and Howard

"Great minds think alke" department: The Evansville Courier & Press and The News-Sentinel have very similar editorials about then-mayor Mitch Daniels' efforts to get historian Howard Zinn's book out of Hoosier classrooms and former Education Secretary William Bennett's book into them. This is from my N-S editorial:

The gay tide

Hunting for trouble

Solution in search of a problem:

(Indianapolis, Ind.) - Indiana lawmakers are again considering a constitutional amendment that would guarantee Hoosiers’ right to hunt.

 The proposed amendment earned statehouse approval two years ago. If it passes the legislature again this year, it would go to the ballot for Indiana voters to decide in 2014.

Change of heart

An interesting switch:

— A powerful Republican state senator says he now opposes amending a ban on same-sex marriage into Indiana's constitution.

Send in the Hoosier

I certainly think he'd be a better choice than Susan Rice:

So, President Obama, you need a new Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton, but you don't like any of the choices sitting on your desk? You think Susan Rice deserves it and would do a great job, but she comes with too much controversy? You feel you owe John Kerry a favor for helping you in the campaign, but wonder if he'd fit right on your team?

Moon shot

Well, thank goodness cooler heads prevaied, eh?

During the height of the Cold War, U.S. officials debated whether to detonate nuclear bomb on the moon in order to send a message to the Soviet Union, the Asian News International reports.

Friends of Israel

Hey, let's see if I can tick off everybody today. First off, Ronald Reagan was right, you know:

Israeli interceptors have eviscerated the Iranian-supplied Hamas missiles heading for population centers. Chalk up an important strategic and technological win for missile defense.

The naked and the dread

A brave stand for human dignity in San Francisco!

Reuters) - Two dozen pro-nudity activists wearing little but their righteous indignation assembled on the steps of San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday to protest a proposed municipal ban on public nakedness.

Broken any rules today? Sure?

Actually, the real surprise here is that the number is so low:

It’s Friday morning, and so far today, the Obama administration has posted 165 new regulations and notifications on its reguations.gov website.

In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

Good reason to stay home


Visitors pay among the highest travel taxes in the nation when they come to Indianapolis — 17 percent on hotel rates, 15 percent on rental cars and 9 percent on meals.