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Opening Arguments

Bill and Howard

"Great minds think alke" department: The Evansville Courier & Press and The News-Sentinel have very similar editorials about then-mayor Mitch Daniels' efforts to get historian Howard Zinn's book out of Hoosier classrooms and former Education Secretary William Bennett's book into them. This is from my N-S editorial:

Imagine a classroom in which Zinn and Bennett are both used, and students are encouraged to debate what each got right and got wrong and decide for themselves what our history means. Why, that would almost be an education, wouldn’t it?

And this is from the C & P:


The answer to this squabble seems obvious, and that is to encourage Indiana college professor to use both of the books in their classrooms. Allow history and education students to decide which of the books they favor.

That would beat allowing the indoctrination of only Zinn or Bennett, based on the thinking of this or that liberal or conservative professor.