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Opening Arguments

Change of heart

An interesting switch:

— A powerful Republican state senator says he now opposes amending a ban on same-sex marriage into Indiana's constitution.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Luke Kenley of Noblesville said he has changed his mind after supporting the ban in 2011. "I don't think putting it in the constitution is a good idea," he told CNHI's Maureen Hayden on Thursday.

"I really value the institution of heterosexual marriage," Kenley said. "But I do not think that putting a statement in the constitution which runs down or is bigoted toward people who have a different kind of loving relationship, that I may not understand, is going to be productive."

I know it's risky to read too much into the remarks of one person, but this is one more piece of evidence among many we've talked about here of a potential sea change in attitudes, even here in crusty old never-change-our-ways Indiana.