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Opening Arguments

Pistol-packin' Mamas

According to a new Gallup poll, 23 percent of American women say they own a gun, up from 13 percent in 2005, a number that includes 50,000 Hoosier women who have received gun permits over the past three years. And a lot of them are apparently taking lessons: "We have a joke in the industry that all men are born with the John Wayne chromosome," said Bob Meyer, a gun safety instructor. "They think they can shoot from birth, and a woman is more willing to listen."

This is an interesting point:

Law enforcement agencies are aware that more women are carrying guns, and there is some concern that not everyone is getting them for the right reasons.

"Answer the question, 'Am I willing to take another person's life if my life is in jeopardy?'" said Indiana State Police Capt. Dave Bursten. "If you cannot steadfastly answer that question, 'Yes,' you probably shouldn't have a gun in your house, because it will probably be taken away from you and used against you."

But if your life is already in jeopardy, wouldn't you still be better off with a gun, even if there's a chance you'll freeze and not be able to use it? I've handled a gun in a military situation, so I think I would be able to shoot somebody if I thought my life depended on it, but I don't really know. But if I'm faced with some nut with a gun pointing at me, I'd rather be armed than not. It really doesn't matter to me if he shoots me with his gun or takes mine away and shoots me with it, and the possibility that I will use my gun certainly improves my odds.

Glad the women seem more likely than the men to seek training. Having a bunch of people running around with guns they don't know how to use is dangerous, and I wish Indiana had training requirements the way some other states do.

Oh, and love this:

The firearms industry is targeting the new market of female buyers, making pink guns, pink ear protection and weapons for petite hands, among other changes.

Like my pink? Well, do ya, punk?