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Opening Arguments

Waiting to inhale

Nope. cam't see it:

At the urging of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will review the safety of Aero Shots, a new breathable caffeine product. The product allows users to ingest about 100mg of caffeine—roughly the amount of caffeine in an average large cup of coffee—in a powdered "shot" from a lipstick-shaped container.

I don't mean about Schumer and the FDA and the "safety" of the product. That's such routine Nanny State nonsense that it's hard to even get worked up over it anymore. I mean about the need for such a thing. If all I want is a good jolt of caffeine, I'll take a pill, OK? Otherwise, I'll take my coffee, thank you very much. How can your replace something with such a history and a comforting set of fussy rituals?

"Hey, dude, that was such a righteous hit of caffeine! What a buzz, I feel so . . . alert!" Like I said, can't see it.