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Opening Arguments

It's that time again

Happy Tax filing Day!

Emblazoned on the Supreme Court building’s façade is the promise of “equal justice under law.” Yet the horrendously complicated tax code illustrates how far the government has strayed from that promise. Sadly, the purpose of those 73,608 pages of federal tax rules is not equal treatment but the top-down manipulation of society by Washington.

Just a reminder not to let tax code simplification drop off the presidential campaign issues list.


Wed, 04/18/2012 - 10:20am

Mr. Morris, tax simplification is far overdue.  Here are some numbers from a recent article in a tax journal:

- 4,428 changes in code in the last 10 years

- 1,999 different IRS publications

- In 1937 Form 1040 came with 2 pages of instructions. today there are 189 pages of instructions.

- Tax Freedom day in 1900 was January 22nd; this year April 17th.

-IRS reportedly was more than $300 million for agents/auditors to begin the watch over Obamacare.