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Opening Arguments

May I be frank?

It was bad enough that movie and TV producers have let themselves be shamed by the health nuts into keeping cigarettes out of their shows. Give 'em an inch, and they'll take -- well, half a foot, anyway:

A physicians' nonprofit wants President Barack Obama to stop chowing down on hot dogs in front of news cameras. In a petition being filed on May 10, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine asks the White House to issue an executive order banning staged photo opportunities that show the president, the first family, the vice president, and members of the president's cabinet eating unhealthy foods -- including processed meats -- that can cause cancer and obesity.

The group's petition also singles out Presidents Clinton, Reagan and (G.W.) Bush for eating unhealthy foods on camera, and it even reaches back to smack FDR because "widely publicized photos" of him eating a hot dog "are credited with popularizing what once used to be a widely disliked food." Actually, as the blog-posting critic notes, hot dogs were already pretty popular -- FDR just made them respectable. And hooray for him, and Obama, too. All you grass-chewing perverts, leave natur'es most perfect food alone, OK? And know what, Barry? Next time they catch you eating a hot dog on camera, light up afterwards. FDR used to, you know.