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Opening Arguments


Do not be looking for one of these on either of my cats:

Some of the stuff the Barack Obama campaign is selling to raise money for the re-election effort is pretty unusual.

They would like you to get your pets involved with the campaign by offering doggie sweaters and “I Meow for Michelle” cat collars.

Well, Maggie might like one, but only to feel smarter than everyone else in the room because she's making an ironic statement nobody else gets. In my experience, though, cats just don't like collars, which is one of the things that make them smarter than dogs. I tired to put one on the late, lamented Pierre, because he was an inside-outside cat and I didn't want him to get nabbed by the Stray Cat Coppers, but he would have none of  it. He'd dig and dig at it until I feared he'd succcumb to self-mutilation and I relented and took the damn thing off.