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Opening Arguments

Cost control



Is there a "fairness" factory somewhere out in Middle America producing self-sustaining jobs? If not, President Barack Obama's obsession with ending Bush-era tax cuts makes no sense as either policy or politics.

To begin with, Obama -- and nearly all media coverage of the decade-old tax cuts -- continues to discuss the "cost" of tax cuts as if Washington had first dibs on your money. Is the president arguing that the base line of spending includes all wealth and that anything the Internal Revenue Service doesn't take is something we have to "pay" for? If not, then government spending is the only thing that really costs us. Sometimes the cost is worthwhile; mostly it isn't.

If we could just get that one point across to most people -- that the money is ours and government must make a case to take it instead of calling dibs on it -- it would go a long way to solving our. Tax cuts don't "cost" the government. Taxes cost us. It is a sad sign of how effective the brainwashing has been that the majority don't understand that simple truth.


Rebecca Mallory
Fri, 07/13/2012 - 12:29pm

Perhaps Obama should take a lesson from France's Hollande who passd e a 75% on "the rich." Inquiries from "rich" French for elite London properties is up 20%, inquiries in Switzerland are up 400%, inquiries in Brussels reached a record 15 in two days, and in Singapore and Montreal real estate agencies who cater to the rich are sending representatives to Paris to recruit.

If you tax it, they will leave.

Denise Rich recently renounced her American citizenship and is returning to Switzerland with her millions to avoid American taxation. In fact the number of wealthy persons renouncing American citizenship is at near record levels.

Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is getting closer to reality.


Fri, 07/13/2012 - 1:01pm

Well, you have your libertarian theory; the rest of us have actual history to examine. Higher marginal tax rates have almost always accompanied economic booms (Eisenhower's 50's, Clinton's 90's). Cutting taxes on the wealthy has always produced recession and higher deficits (Hoover, Reagan, Bush Jr.).

As for "Atlas Shrugged," it ranks only one rung above the Book of Mormon as the worst book ever written.

Mon, 07/16/2012 - 4:21pm

Maybe the federal government should tax everyone at least 1% more of their income than they are now.  That would get everyone to feel that they've helped reduce our debt.  In a few years raise the tax to 2% more from everyone's earnings.  Pretty soon the rate could be at least 10% or 15% above their present federal tax rate.

If I was earning $20,000 a year, a 10% federal tax rate above what I am paying now would only be $2,000.  Not much I realize.  But it would help.

Representation without taxation isn't fair.

I agree with littlejohn on more taxation fairness.

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 4:25pm

Just adding post script comments to littlejohn's book reviews.

I thought 'The Book of Mormon' interesting, and with a lot of faith, maybe even plausible.  I didn't relate to it very much.

I don't understand the utter disdain that the left has for 'Atlas Shrugged'.  It's just fiction.  It's about a guy that invents a widgit that could make him millions of dollars.  Instead of selling his soul to others that think they have a right to his brain he only works as a track laborer.  He goes on a brain strike.

He gets others to join his strike by getting them to understand that they shouldn't be made to feel guilty about making a profit and how they presently are helping a looter's government.  No bombs, guns, or marching with signs to show they are on strike.  Just walking away.

The only immoral part of the story could be that Galt doesn't give up his mind for the benefit of society.  A society that says it is entitled to his brain.  A society that won't even say thanks.  Sound familiar?  He could have made millions.

I will could state a book or story that is much worse than 'Atlas Shrugged' or 'The Book of Mormon'.  It's about a common thief.  Someone with brains and charm that is only used for looting.  He and his friends hung out in Sherwood Forest.  It's amazing how many on the left consider him a hero.