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Opening Arguments

Free at last

How shall we celebrate this year's Cost of Government Day on Sunday? Something frivolous perhaps, such as putting a few dollars under the mattress where nobody can find it:


This year, Americans have to work until July 15 to pay for the burden of government, more than six months.

In a new report,  Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has calculated that Americans will spend a total of 197 days toiling to pay for the cost of government.

"Cost of Government Day is the date of the calendar year on which the average American worker has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burden imposed by government at the federal, state and local levels," reads the report.

The report, Cost of Government Day, shows that Americans will work 88 days to pay for federal spending; 40 days for state and local spending; and 69 days for total regulatory costs.

Oh, stop your whining. It's not that bad! Why, the Bush tax cuts aren't even gone yet, and Obamacare's obscene new costs are still in the future.