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Opening Arguments

Not-so-lazy Susan

Not sure I'm buying this:

Women may have higher IQs and longer lives than men, but a new study shows that they are also lazier.

Lancet published a paper this week examining which countries have the most and least active citizens. The findings showed that 34 percent of women in 122 countries are inactive, as opposed to 28 percent of men.

Of course it's difficult to judge without knowing exactly what they mean by "active" and "inactive," and the story doesn't go into that. Are they talking about hard physical labor, or do they also include merely getting up off the couch and doing some kind of exercise? And I know, as they say, my empirical experience is not probative, but I can't imagine anyone who has paid any attention to how people behave could take this seriously. I mean, just look at any two-income couple and see who does what percentage of work around the house when they come home from their day jobs.  Steve probably cuts the grass once a week for his outside duties. Guess how many chores Susan does inside the house. I rest my case.