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Opening Arguments

Today's mystery

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman:

President Barack Obama is back in Ohio this week on another campaign trip. I am sure it won't be his last: Both he and Mitt Romney are expected to be here a lot. I assume that, as he did the last time he was here, President Obama will be looking to blame others as he explains to working families in Ohio why we continue to be stuck in the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. Respectfully, I think he needs to look no further than his own policies over the past 3 1/2 years. They have failed to turn things around because they make it harder, not easier, to create jobs here in Ohio and around the country.

Gee, do ya think? Conventional wisdom has it that the state of the economy a few months before the election is the best predictor of who the next president will be. If the economy is weak -- or even perceived to be weak -- the party in the White House loses; if not, that party stays in power. So why isn't Obama polling at 25 or 30 percent instead of being in a dead heat with Mitt Romney? And they called Reagan the Teflon president!