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Opening Arguments

Those darn families

Oh, for God's sake:

More Americans rely on their families for assistance than the government, so federal officials have undertaken an effort to help people to apply for federal assistance.

“Given that only 15 percent of you turn to government assistance in tough times, we want to make sure you know about benefits that could help you,” USA.gov announced today. The ”government made easy’ website has created a “help for difficult financial times” page for people to learn more about the programs.

Yes, that's just exactly what we need today, a website making it even easier to get federal assistance. According to the survey cited, 21 percent of Americans say they turn to family for the most help during tought times, and only a pitiful 15 percent turn to government! Come on, people, we can do better than that. Let's go to that website so often that we get rid of family dependence altogether!


Bob G.
Wed, 08/29/2012 - 9:59am


My eyes actually HURT from ROLLING so damn much when I read that article.

SELF-RELIANCE...Another aspect of America fast becoming a  "lost art"...much like CURSIVE WRITING...and MANNERS.

Where does the madness end?