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Opening Arguments

Stomach ache

This week's sign that End Times are near:

This McDonald’s is among the 12,804 franchise locations that has added calorie information to its menu boards — information the health-care law will soon require all chain restaurants to display. The new labels went up last Monday.

In interviews with about a dozen McDonald’s customers  Friday, the general consensus seemed to be this: The labels were a great idea but would not change how anyone ate.

[. . .]

The general thinking among McDonalds patrons seemed to be that, when you show up to the Golden Arches, you’re not there for a healthy meal. Calorie labels don’t change that. That’s what customers guessed — and its also what research on calorie labels has shown.

Yeah, really, who doesn't know McDonald's is not the place to go for nutritional value? Of course, more information is better than less or no information, but expecting people to use it is a little unrealistic. As for the government requiring this labeling, sad to say a growing number of people don't seem to get irritated, let alone outraged, no matter how intrusive the nanny state gets. It ain't Michelle Obama's business what your kid eats at school, and it's not the federal government's business if I want to blow my calorie count on a Big Mac some days. Tell me if their's something in the food I might be allergic to, do your job by enforcing food-safety rules, but otherwise you mind your stomach, and I'll mind mine.