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Opening Arguments

Now, this is a real new world order

What could possibly go wrong?

In a submission to forthcoming international talks on internet governance, the Gulf state said “there is a crying need for international collaboration to address ‘freedom of expression’ which clearly disregards public order”.

During the controversy over a 14-minute clip posted on YouTube and purportedly a trailer for a feature film called “The Innocence of Muslims”, Google resisted pressure, including from the White House, to remove it.

"This video - which is widely available on the web - is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube," Google said last month.

The Saudi government has now told the World Telecommunications Policy Forum, a UN body, that the incident was “an obvious example” of the need for greater international cooperation to restrict content online.

“Any reasonable person would know that this film would foment violence and, indeed, many innocent persons have died and been injured with this film as a root cause,” the Saudi submission said.

Hey, let's put Saudi Arabia in charge of a new world council on human rights, too. What say, ladies?

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Fri, 10/12/2012 - 6:38pm

Someday someone will recite in Arabic the five books of Moses on YouTube.  Then some of the Saudi population might realize there is a lot more to their Moses than what is in the Koran.

Someday someone will recite in Arabic the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John on YouTube.  Not to convert the unwilling, but just to expand the Saudi imagination.

The Saudi government probably won't like this on YouTube either.

Harl Delos
Fri, 10/12/2012 - 7:57pm

I wanted to read the Koran back in the '70s, and was told that translating it into English was considered such a sin that nobody would dare do that.  These days of course, there are a couple of translations online.

Assertng that they need to learn more about the Pentateuch and the synoptic gospels is hard to refute.  It would also do a world of good for Christians to read the Koran, and the book of Moroni.  Romans 12:3